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steamed stuffed bun

steamed stuffed-bun



John teased the dog by pebbling it with a steamed stuffed bun.


It was so amazing when there were so many strangers to felicitate my birthday.


I enjoyed a plain steamed dumpling as a very nice morning treat.


On the bun there is some fresh green lettuce that grew under artificial light.


I plan to set up a stand in the market to sell steamed stuffed buns.


I love to eat steamed buns with minced meat stuffing.


We can make steamed buns with the baking powder on the plates soon.


What are these stuffed buns?


If you want a taste of the action you can buy bags of them anywhere on the island.


What are these stuffed buns?

The old man fingered the patties several times but did not pick any up. 老者用手摸了好几回包子 ,始终没往起拿.

The old man finished his share and waited for Little Horse to eat up the rest. 老者吃完自己的份儿,把杯中的酒喝干,等著小马儿吃净了包子 .

He took Little Horse's hand and the boy stuffed the last patty into his mouth. 伸手去拉小马儿,小马儿把未吃完的一个包子 整个的塞在口中.

I like jiaozi and baozi, and one more thing, shaobing. 我喜欢饺子和包子 , 还有一样, 就是烧饼.

We eat jiaozi and baozi sometimes. 我们有时也吃饺子和包子 .

Steamed buns with turnip seedlings as stuffing are very delicious. 用鸡毛菜包的包子 是很好吃的.

Structure and performance of aluminum impregnation to steel _ container arestudied. 研究了渗铝包子 桶的组织结构及其效能.

Filling with high - quality processing Asako. Finished buns, white and soft,unique scent. 馅儿用优质麻子炮制而成. 成品包子 , 洁白松软, 香味独特.

I love to eat steamed buns with minced meat stuffing. 我最爱吃肉馅儿包子 .

Is a vegetarian buns *** dumplings *** with a natural oil fragrance incensevaluables. 是一种素食包子 *** 饺子 ***,具有油香细软的自然香味.

Why you only choose sending Baozi to the hobos? 为什么只选包子 给乞丐?

Tianjin has much tasty food and Tianjin bao zi is very famous. 天津有许多美味的食品,天津的包子 是很有名的.

Incapable of nothing , you are like a green vegetable - stuffed bun! 这么点事都办不成, 你真是个菜包子 .

Oh, I thought you like to eat baozi for your breakfast. 哦, 我原来以为你喜欢吃包子 作为早饭呢.

Steamed stuffed bun look calm, unruffled and continue to see her book. 包子 神色镇定, 态度从容,低头继续看她的书.

Chinese dumpling filled with spiced minced pork; usually served in soup. 加调过味的碎猪肉的中国包子 ; 常在汤中食用.

Staple food: cake, chinese dumpling, steamed bread , congee, omeletter. 主食: 糕点, 包子 , 馒头, 稀饭,煎蛋.

Hodgson thinks this is where Gerrard is at his most effective. 老霍认为这才是能让包子 发挥最大作用的位置.

You can go to Food Street to enjoy Goubuli steamed dumpling. 你可以到食街去吃一次狗不理包子 .

Hence approximated sampling theorem in the wavelet packets space isobtained. 由此建立了这种小波包子 空间上的近似取样定理.


Hong Kong's annual bun scramble is big business


Show me the buns!


Each May, a sleepy Hong Kong island of just one square mile, Cheung Chau, lights up in excitement as boa tloads of visitors celebrate a traditional holiday — the Bun Festival, featuring tens of thousands of de licious rice flour buns.

每周周五,总共只有一平方英里的香港岛屿长洲正在沉睡,而在欢乐的灯火所在的地方,船上的访客们却在庆祝一个传统的假日--包子节 ,在这个节日,大家会品尝数万个美味的米粉包。

The week-long celebration gets bigger every year. And that means booming business for local bakery Kwok Kam Kee, the official bun supplier for the festival.


"For these 8 to 10 days, it's like doing 8 to 10 months of business," said owner Kwok Kam Chuen, 64, who opened his shop 40 years ago. "We make over 60,000 buns for the festival."


During the holiday, Kwok brings in as much as HK$80,000 ***$10,320*** a day -- 20 times more than his average daily sales. By the end of the festival, he usually ends up making over HK$500,000 ***$65,000***.


Local lore about the Bun Festival's origin goes like this: Over a century ago, to ward off the pirates and plague that had crippled Cheung Chau, island fishermen made offerings of buns -- stamped with "Ping On," the Chinese characters for "peace" -- to Pak Tai, a god of the sea. The bun sacrifice worked, and the island was cleared of maladies.


Since then, Cheung Chau has repeated the tradition to bring renewed luck to the quiet beach island, wher e even cars are banned. Festivities culminate in a midnight bun snatch 腊包山***,a three-minute race to t he top of a 50-foot tower covered with 9,000 buns — the higher the bun, the greater the fortune.

从那时开始,长洲就不断重复著这个给这个安静的小岛重新整理运气的传统,即使这里连汽车都不允许行驶。庆典的 *** 部分是午夜的抢包山,一个三分钟的比赛,登上一个50米高,由9000个包子覆盖的塔;包子越高,运气就越好。

For Kwok, preparation starts a month before when he stockpiles ingredients and hires over a dozen extra helpers. His shop, which normally makes a variety of traditional Chinese breads and pastries, stops bakin g everything else to make way for the onslaught of bun production.

对郭来说,准备工作在一个月前就开始了 ,他会储备材科并雇佣额外几十名店员。他的店铺一般会做出各种各样的中国传统包子和糕点,在此期间停止生产任何其他食品,全力生产包子。

The buns have a sweet filling -- sesame, red bean or lotus paste. Once the dough is rolled, the yeast needs time to ferment.


"It's faster when it's hotter," he said. Then "we manually put fillings into the dough ... before we steam the buns" said Kwok, who learned the recipe as an apprentice in his uncle's bakery.


Kwok's assembly line is efficient; one blink and the buns are wrapped and ready for giant steamers that can hold 200 at a time.


At peak production, his 700-square-foot shop can pump out 10,000 buns a day.


While he'd love to open another shop, he thinks he's getting a bit old to manage it all. He is hoping one of his sons will take over the business.


"It's very hectic making so many buns for the holiday," Kwok said. "I rarely have time to go a restaurant to eat, so when I am hungry, I just grab a 'Ping On' bun."









 steamed stuffed bun


 菜包子steamed bun with vegetable stuffing

 天津包子Tianjin Stuffed bun

steamed stuffed bun造句

 1. Steamed stuffed bun look calm, unruffled and continue to see her book.

 包子神色镇定, 态度从容,低头继续看她的书.

 2. John teased the dog a steamed stuffed bun.


 3. Incapable of nothing , you are like a green vegetable - stuffed bun!

 这么点事都办不成, 你真是个菜包子.

 4. I plan to set up a stand in the market to sell steamed stuffed buns.


 5. Though not suitable for making steamed stuffed buns, stiff dough is suitable for making shaved noodles.

 硬面虽然不适合包饺子, 却适合做刀削面.

 6. It's a stuffed bun with beef, cabbage and onion, convenient to eat, and very, very delicious.

 这是一个面包填充牛肉 、 包菜和洋葱, 吃起来很方便, 而且非常 、 非常好吃.

 7. How about having some steamed stuffed breads and dough drop soup for supper?

 晚饭吃包子,喝疙瘩汤 怎么样 ?

 8. Steamed dumplings stuffed with craBmeat are wonderful in taste.


 9. The two - year - old girl slapped jam on the steamed bun.

 这个两 岁 的小女孩往馒头上涂了许多果酱.

 10. What about steamed dumplings stuffed with crab meat, madam?

 您尝尝蟹仁小笼包,好吗, **?



 v.冒蒸汽( steam的过去式和过去分词 ); 快速行走,疾行; (靠蒸汽)行驶; 蒸煮

 1. The general manager may have got steamed up about nothing.


 2. The glass is all steamed up still.


 3. Coffee steamed in the richly decorated silver pot.


 4. The sea gradually calmed down as we steamed out.


 5. His glasses steamed up when he came into the warm room.


 6. Bill was all steamed up about the movie he had just seen.


 7. The steamed buns fresh from the steamer were nice and warm.


 8. Put the steamed bread over the fire for a while.


 9. The steamed buns are cold; let's heat them up.

 馒头凉了, 縢一縢吧.

 10. The windows have steamed over.